Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Days 15 and 16



Wassup Kidulters! What's good? I've been SO BUSY. Today I had an SGA Meeting then as soon as I came home, I had an SAT class and then I had 2 go back to school for college night. I'm crazy tired but I'll survive (at least I hope, lol). At college night, we learned about the application process and how we should apply to AS MANY COLLEGES as financially possible. Now if you have a 1.5 GPA and your applying to Harvard, Princeton, Brown and Yale, that's just DUMB! Sorry, but that's just the plain truth. You also have to be realistic in the choices of actual schools you apply to, it's OK to have 2-3 dream schools but don't fill up your college choices with school that are remotely impossible.

We also learned that it is also VERY IMPORTANT TO APPLY FOR FAFSA (financial aid provided by the government) whether you fit their demographic or not because many colleges still base their scholarships off of the information you input onto your FAFSA form, it's wise though to apply for FAFSA around Janurary and not as soon as school starts because you'll end up applying with FAFSA forms for outgoing seniors of the previous class.

Advice to underclassmen: When offered a college information night or a college fair at your school or somewhere else, JUST GO! (especially when your a senior) What do you have to lose?

Otherwise, my day has been "aiight", just chillen, stuck doing homework. Coming up with plans for tailgating for spirit week which is not too far away, so we will see what happens....I have a lot of homework so I've got to cut it short for today. PEACE! Thank you for walking 2 days in my shoes on days FIFTEEN and SIXTEEN of my senior year in high school.

Saturday, September 18, 2010




I'm sure you guys have been wondering where I've been? (Or maybe not....) But let's pretend you really cared and were curious, just so I'm not sad, lol. Well, I've been busy with school, studying for some exams, quizzes and tests, (IDK if there is a difference between any of those words, is there?) and I've been trying to learn and re-learn skills for the SAT as much as possible, I decided against taking the test on October so I could get the highest score possible so November, HERE I COME! (Actually, I think I toldya guys that already....oh well). In between, I've gone to debate team and student governments meetings after school and I've been checking out some college apps online, starting the actual "applying process" next week. In conclusion, my week has not been interesting enough to write blog posts anytime this week. Advice to BLOGGERS: If you have nothing to say, then don't say it or blog it.

But, now that I think about it, something really caught my eyes this week.

I should warn you that the next story I'm about to tell you might get a little graphic, so be warned!

4 people living in a house together, living their normal lives. A father who has dreams and aspirations for his two daughters and was able to fulfill an American dream of his own by becoming a doctor and marrying his dream girl. One day, their normal lives were ruined, and ruined....forever. Two men entered their house boisterously and without invitation andstart an invasion. They tied up the father and two daughters and held them hostage at home while their mom went to the bank with one of the men. While the mom, who was forced to withdraw a large sum of money, was talking to bank clerks, she told them to call the police about the situation that was happening at home. The police never responded until 30 minutes later when bedlam erupted because after the mother got home, she was taken to her room, strapped onto her bed with rope and raped; she was then set on fire and left there to die, a huge fire erupted in the house while the two daughters were still tied up. The father, who was in a separate room, luckily escaped and crawled to his neighbor's house to call 911 just as the two men who took this household by storm were escape and flee from the scene. Sadly, the three most important girls of his life burned to death.

As I write this piece, I still get chills from the Petit family murders in Connecticut even though this story has been all over TV this week and I've heard it a bunch of times. The murders actually happened in 2007, but have gained steam in the national headlines because one of the murderers is on trial now. May the deceased Petit's rest in peace and may Dr. Petit find peace and calm in his life. This story teaches us that we should NEVER take life for granted because we never know when and where and under what circumstances our life is going to end. Things may not be going your way right now, maybe your like me and your stressed about college and school in general, maybe your having family problems or relationship problems, or maybe your going through challenges that you don't think you are possible to get out of. I'm here to tell you that all things are possible, if you just BELIEVE. Your situation may be bad, but it could have been even worse! So be thankful for the life you have because there are so many people going through things that might be even worse than what you are going through and they might even wish they were walking in your shoes. Not tryna impose my beliefs, but, trust in God because through him there is always a way out.


Be breezy, God bless, I'm out......